The Scribble Maps API is a cross browser, cross API, mobile ready, HTML5/Javascript, interactive map builder and authoring platform. Our API allows you integrate all the features and power of Scribble Maps directly into your web based app. On the back end we store your map data and allow you to quickly convert from one to format another.

Additionally, the entire interface is CSS stylable and can be easily modified. Even the mouse cursors in the application can be changed with basic image files to allow you to completely customize the editor experience.

While the Scribble Maps API uses a proprietary rendering engine, it is compatible with all major mapping APIs. What this means is that it is possible to user other map API's proprietary visualization methods while using Scribble Maps's annotation tools. This allows you to do things like utilize Google Map's fusion table heat maps or use a custom projection via the Arc GIS javascript API. Since the other APIs are loaded at run time, it is 100% terms of use compliant.

Mobile Ready
Cross API
Complete UI
Ready to go Tools
Style Management
UI CSS Stylable
Map Storage
Dynamic Image API

Mobile Support

The Scribble Maps API was built from the ground up using native technologies so the editor can run in both a mobile and desktop environment.

The API detects if a user is on a mobile platform and modifies the user experience so that the editor can function in an environment that does not have roll overs. So you can feel confident that the map editing portion of your web app will be functional regardless of if it is being opened on a desktop or on a tablet.

Dashboard / Map Management

The dashboard allows you to not only manage things like markers available to an API implementation but also which license you want associated it with a particular implentation. With a single change in the dashboard you can move from Google to Bing to Leaflet and then back again.

When the API is linked up with a project maps can be saved and grouped and accessed through our dashboard. Groups can be created and removed, or made secure. Developers then have the capability to request and list maps based on groups.

Getting Started

See below for the basic code to get the editor into your app. While it is not necessary to use the API, you can procure a project id from which will allow you to set markers, define licenses, and also create and modify map management groups. Using the API anonymously will save maps globally, however, you are not required to save data to our system and it is possible to save map data directly to your own database. Check out our playground for all kinds of examples you can test.

        var loadmap = function() {
            var sm = new scribblemaps.ScribbleMap(document.getElementById('ScribbleMap'));
    <script src="//" async></script>

    <div id="ScribbleMap" style="width: 500px; height: 500px"></div>

Built by Us, Improved by You

We love developers and know that our API is usless without developers working with it and telling us what we can improve or make easier. We developed the API along side of developers using the API in real projects.

We have tried our best to make a useful reference and a great playground to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

We take suggestions seriously and criticisms even more seriously. Can something be better? Are we missing a really important or cool feature? Please, let us know.